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SEO Wizzard

18 Oct

There is no shortage of information about Search Engine Optimisation but how distill the plethora of data down to something that is workable for basic application? Here is a quick guide to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for small business owners or not for profit community groups who want to get started but cannot afford the expenses associated with hiring experts. The overview is followed with some useful web links for tips on SEO.

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Social media tracking for non-profits

10 Oct

Interestingly many not-for-profit organisations are finding it challenging to value social media for their organisations according to research. Which is kind of puzzling since they revolve around community and social networks so one would think that blogs, Twitter and Facebook would provide a sound buinesscase. Potentially these organisation lack the metrics to analyse the benefits social media can provide and this article provides 10 very useful tool to do just that.

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Getting ahead in Social Media

11 Sep

This is an interesting article about the question “quality versus quantity” in social media. For example should one aim for thousands of facebook fans or twitter followers or be selective and look for quality.

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Killer Websites

5 Sep

Tessa Wegert |  September 2, 2010

Last week, Time Magazine published its 50 Best Websites 2010 list. It includes sites from a variety of industries and verticals, everything from music and video, family and kids, to sports, financial, and shopping. It’s always interesting to stumble across unfamiliar consumer destinations while reviewing a list like this one, particularly from a digital marketing perspective.

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