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Top twitter tips

19 Oct

A great article on the top 50 twitter articles of 2010 (so far) including:

Twitter stats, facts and figures
How to guides and best practice
Twitter SEO and Strategy
Tools, reviews, rants and musings


Source: Top 50 Twitter Tips


Digital people

27 Sep

Read on for an engaging Q & A session with Digital Intelligence Director Fi Bendall on a diverse range of topics such as digital sceptics, ROI on social media programs and social media in the political realm.

Digital People – Q & A with Fi Bendall

Businesses choose twitter over facebook

25 Sep

Many businesses are choosing twitter over facebook as it provides a direct business to customer communication platform with increased privacy and a condensed message format. Facebook is less practical for organisations to use due to its reliance on visuals and a less business minded audience. Twitter is also the most ubiquitous social network with a very high level of accessibility including mobile phones whereas facebook is more web based.

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Focus on what you can control

25 Sep

Social media and related technologies change at a crazy pace. Why then worry about all those elements you cannot control when there is plenty that you actually do have control over as a marketer. This article focusses on what marketers can control in an online environment and why this is a good strategy to follow.

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Killer Websites

5 Sep

Tessa Wegert |  September 2, 2010

Last week, Time Magazine published its 50 Best Websites 2010 list. It includes sites from a variety of industries and verticals, everything from music and video, family and kids, to sports, financial, and shopping. It’s always interesting to stumble across unfamiliar consumer destinations while reviewing a list like this one, particularly from a digital marketing perspective.

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