Social media tracking for non-profits

10 Oct

Interestingly many not-for-profit organisations are finding it challenging to value social media for their organisations according to research. Which is kind of puzzling since they revolve around community and social networks so one would think that blogs, Twitter and Facebook would provide a sound buinesscase. Potentially these organisation lack the metrics to analyse the benefits social media can provide and this article provides 10 very useful tool to do just that.

It is a bit of a no-brainer to track unique website hits and blog traffic but who would have thought about assessing ROI for social media based on how many additional volunteers sign up on a monthly basis. From my own experience working with a not-for-proft organisation, volunteers are always in short supply. Critically these people are crucial for distributing your messages and increase engagement so to build your social media metrics around attracting them to your organisation makes perfect sense.

Similarly donations are another metric suggested to track through social media channels as are the testimonials from group members on your organisation’s website or on Twitter or Facebook. Indeed social media can be applied to engage communities to attend events and help attract other followers or friends very successfully.

The section I was impressed with  most was the one on why a not-for-profit organisation should have a blog. There are some seriously important points here. I can see many people in my community group throwing up their hands in despair saying “not something else we have to  manage”. Truly when working in a volunteers based organisation time is crucial but once set up, a blog can the driving engine of your community message. It acts like an outpost providing a constant feed of new information to your Facebook and twitter audience, invites comments and links back to your website. Plus is increases your organisations transparency and visibility within the community. Your blog can revolve around your campaign activities, news items and how you use donations to further your cause. All very relevant and important information to keep members engaged and interested.

Now here is something I had no idea about, a blog actually improves your search engine results. How does it do that? Well, Google and others have now changed their search “spiders” to look for keywords in page titles, not meta tags. Blogging tools like WordPress automatically add the code for page titles in every new blog post you publish to the Web.

Your blog will also allow you to measure engagement and understand the interests of your readers better. Because it is so interactive you will also attract more followers to your other social media applications like Twitter and Facebook. And last but not least it is free of course, which is a real bonus for a community group like the one I am involved in. So what are you waiting for? Start your blog for your community group today! I have. Stay tuned for an update and post your own community blog, if you do have one in your comments section to this article.

Sources: Social media metrics for not for profit organisations and 5 reasons why not for profits should have a blog


4 Responses to “Social media tracking for non-profits”

  1. navitas1 October 11, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

    Do you think that the non-for-profit sector tends to favour a more conservative stance when it comes to embracing new technologies/applications? Corporate entities may be more receptive to exploring the possibilities enabled by social media applications as they are constantly seeking ways to increase their marketing reach and sales channels.

  2. teejae October 20, 2010 at 12:45 am #

    Hi Marion, I enjoyed your post. I also work for and volunteer with a not for profit organisation and agree that when it comes to implementing a new idea it is all green lights until someone needs to manage the responsibility. I will suggest to the groups I work with to not be afraid of setting up a blog and the information that you provided that spiders deliver a higher search engine result – what a great idea. I am aware that there were a few more benefits for nfp with Google advertising. It would be worthwhile looking into this to see if your Community Group can benefit from it. Volunteers are very hard to come by and I would think that by posting regular updates and articles that this would in turn increase your awareness and possibly lead to more volunteers. Good luck!


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