10 best practices of online engagement

9 Oct

A great article that has one distinct message: step away from using new social channels with old media mentality.

Social media requires a different approach, its hard work and it takes time. New technology may be instantaneous but we as marketers still need to listen, measure effects and adjust our messages accordingly. For the first time we can effectively manage individual conversations but don’t be tempted to cut and paste or edit replies. These actions will undermine your credibility regardless if you are a business, not for profit organisation or a private blogger.

Source: Best practice for online engagement


2 Responses to “10 best practices of online engagement”

  1. J.Requena October 9, 2010 at 3:57 pm #

    Certanly social media makes easy going straight away to your costumers but you need to provide them with value-content. A lot of companies just use social networkings to promote new products, tell costumers what the comany is doing and so on but they don’t focus on provide the costumer with unique content that helps them using the producrs or selecting the produc.

    On the other hand, companies have to measure in some way these conversations with its costumers and then commit to act in regards with the data collected.

  2. Mikey's blog October 12, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    I think interpretation is the biggest weakness when it comes to social media. By over analysing certain comments we walk a very dangerous line, it can be quite difficult sometimes to detect the authenticity of the written comments. There are many variables that could be at play such as is this person a legitimate customer or are we dealing with a particular person that has a gripe with the company? A quantitative research methodology may be more useful in the beginning to flush out any trends or patterns in online conversations.

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