Trust your blog

5 Sep

What sources do you use when scouting around the net for your information and how well researched are they? The quality of your own blog certainly depends on how high the quality of the site is you are using to base your blog on.

Particularly for a novice blogger, like myself, who has absoutely no experience how to be funky in the blog world, my aim is to at least get my facts straight. So its definetly worth to spend time to conduct some initial reseach and find qualified resources for your blog. This will make it also more valuable to your readership. You don’t want to be pulled up by one of your newly acquired fans to have it pointed out to you that you got it totally wrong! So get your facts straight first and do some good old fashioned research. And because I love my fans already (even though I don’t have any yet) I thought I should do just that so you, future fans, are able to share some of my stuff.

Marketing Sherpa

This is a great site with case studies and news about online marketing, social media. blogging, email marketing and many other useful topics. To get started visit the topics page and select from the menu. Also very interesting is their blog space with multiple daily updates and illustrative case studies on a variety of topics. The latest blog is about the question if social media should always be integrated into a campaign. Whilst you are in the blog space don’t forget to have a good look around the categories and take a peek into the archive. Its well worth it.

ClickZ Experts

A well organised, clean and uncluttered site with a huge collection of articles about on-line marketing communication. Check out Corporate Blogs in a Social World then select one of the topics from the home page with represents a blog category. You can choose from news email strategy analytics marketing strategy media strategy or search marketing.

And to keep you relaxed while your doing some research turn on some music by Canadian artist Laura Veirs – July Flame


One Response to “Trust your blog”

  1. mraheelbaig September 7, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

    The thing i most enjoyed going through your article was the music(Creative stuff), soothing it was. Nice sharing, though it was a bit lengthy. I am tired now 😦


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